East Point Private Port

River Port "East Point" - Silistra is constructed in 375+800 km on the River Danube next to the five star hotel Drustar. The port is very modern with the capacity of three boats with the length of 160 m long. There is a petrol station for all different kind of boats and yachts with the capacity of (25/30m3/h) and loading of fresh water with capacity (25/30m3/h), using of electricity with 250kw, collecting of wastage, use of internet, and 24h security of the port.
The depth of the water in location of the port in the low level of the river in the summer is 4,5 m. Part of the port includes river border customs in order to check all documents of passengers and it makes it easier to welcomes our guests. The Drustar complex offers a helicopter landing site which is located next to the river port and is another convenience that is offered.




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