Free Time

Drustar Hotel has two open pools for adults, one for children, and a summer bar. The hotel offers sauna, massage and a solarium. Additionally the hotel has an outdoor tennis court.

For people who like extreme experiences Hotel Drustar offers an excursion by private air plane.
From the firth you can start a romantic trip along the Danube River so as to go fishing, enjoy the sunset and the Danube riverside, and visit the city of Calarasi.


Yacht cruising along the river Danube


Capacity - 6 people

Cruise duration - 30 min




You'll experience a sightseeing tour by airplane over the dry River landmark and over canyons and rock monasteries situated close to Silistra.

The planes we are flying are Cessna and An-2. The Cessna is single-engine, four-seat plane with which you can feel the pleasure of flying. 


Capacity – 3 persons

Duration – 15 min




Art Gallery

Archaeological Museum

Durostorum – Drastar Fortress

Medjidi Tabia Fortress

Roman Tomb

Church St. Appostles Peter and Paul  


Srebarna Biosphere Reserve

Rock Monasteries near  Strelkovo

Ethnographic House Alfatar

Church St. Troiza  Alfatar